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Black Mouse

21m Experimental Documentary 2022

Between 1962 and 1975, Oscar Niemeyer was commissioned to design the Tripoli International Fair. As the structure was on the verge of completion, the events of the 1970s transfigured the structure into something gargantuan, incomplete, and abandoned - a white elephant. A biker’s trip through Tripoli becomes the backdrop through which we explore these events from the standpoint of the city’s residents. Along his journey, the fair catches his eye. He approaches its gates only to enter a state of delirium and be taken on a sonic journey along the Orient Express. Oscar Niemeyer takes a drag of his cigarette and waxes poetic. Somewhere along this stream of consciousness, he reflects on the relationship between structures and the society surrounding them, eventually commenting on what has become of the thing he built.

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Ahmad Naboulsi


Arabic, Portuguese