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September on

1h 38m Documentary 2005
Where Did Ramses Go?
1h 2m Documentary 2019
Heaven Beneath My Feet
1h 30m Documentary 2020
Dreams of the City
2h 10m Fiction 1984
The Guest (Le Convive)
20m Short, Fiction 2017
Rise and Shine (Sabah Elfol)
8m Short 2006
A Magical Substance Flows Into Me
1h 8m Documentary 2015

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Transformations > Short Film Competition

Transformations: Short Film Competition
9 films

Well-being > Short Film Competition

Coming Soon: October on

Tango of Yearning
1h 8m Essay 1998
Tale of The Three Jewels
1h 47m Fiction 1995
Into Studio Masr
1h 35m Documentary 2018
3 CM Less
1h 2m Documentary 2003

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