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Sheikh's Watermelons

23m Fiction 2018

Sheikh Taher is well-known for being a godly and respected imam among his people. One day, he agrees to pray for the soul of a woman he does not know. It doesn’t occur to him that his act of piety will cause him a lot of trouble. Hamid, his young Machiavellian and ambitious underling, takes this situation as an opportunity to precipitate the spoliation of Taher’s power.

Programmer's Note: In this Vaudeville-like short, Ben Hania uncovers betrayal amongst men in a light and comedic tone, exposing the frauds of religion and its use in politics to gain power and impose ideologies.




Tunisia, France



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Les pastèques du Cheikh (VOST FR)


Cheikh Taher est un imam pieux et respecté. Il accepte de prier sur la dépouille d’une femme qu’il ne connaît pas, mais son acte de piété s’avère être le péché de trop qui précipitera la spoliation de son pouvoir par Hamid, son jeune sous-fifre machiavélique et ambitieux.